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Based in West Sussex, we bring experience, creativity, and an eye for detail across a range of print design services from branded stationery, flyers and brochures to signage and exhibition stands.
Why Use KhooDesign Print Design Services?
KhooDesign stands as your trusted design partner, offering unparalleled quality, experience, and dedication for all your print projects. Our extensive industry expertise, garnered through years of managing diverse print projects, ensures that every project we undertake, whether it's crafting elegant brochures or designing luxurious letterheads, is executed with precision and excellence. Read further below for more about our services designing flyers & promotional leaflets, magazines and brochures, branded stationery, exhibition stands, signage and point of sale display units.
How Print Design Can Help Your Business.
Tangible Presence: Print materials provide a physical presence that digital mediums can't replicate. This tangibility can leave a lasting impression on your audience, making your brand more memorable.
Targeted Marketing: Print materials can be strategically distributed to specific locations or demographics, allowing for highly targeted marketing efforts.
Longevity: Well-designed print materials, such as business cards and posters, can have a longer lifespan than digital content, ensuring that your brand stays in front of your audience for an extended period.
Brand Consistency: Print materials help maintain brand consistency across various marketing channels. Consistency is crucial for brand recognition and trust-building.
Tactile Engagement: Print materials engage multiple senses, offering a tactile experience that digital content can't provide. This physical interaction can evoke stronger emotional responses.
Versatility: Print design encompasses a wide range of materials, from business cards and brochures to banners and packaging. This versatility allows you to tailor your marketing collateral to different purposes and audiences.
Complementary to Digital: Print materials can complement your digital marketing efforts. For example, QR codes on print materials can seamlessly bridge the gap between offline and online experiences.
Authority and Expertise: Well-crafted print materials, such as industry reports and whitepapers, can position your brand as an authority and thought leader in your field.
Personal Touch: Sending personalised print materials, like handwritten thank-you notes, can create a personal connection with customers and partners.
Magazine Spreads and Covers Design
Leaflet Design Pulborough
Head Teacher Pack Folder for St Mary's Primary School, Pulborough
Leaflets and flyers are dynamic marketing tools, offering numerous benefits for effective audience outreach. At KhooDesign, we will work with you to create beautifully designed leaflets and flyers that make a lasting impact. We understand how to effectively communicate with your audience through this tactile and tangible form. The humble leaflet is incredibly versatile and a single sheet of A4 can be turned into a 6 page brochure in the form of a trifold leaflet. We can advise on the ideal format, finishes and detail to make your leaflet or flyer create the right impression for your business.

Our Creative Director's background in art directing glossy magazines and designing for larger agencies with a decade of print design experience means you can be sure that we can ensure a professional finish from design to the final product. We are conscientious and focussed on communicating to your audience effectively whether you're promoting a new product, announcing a sale, or sharing valuable information. We understand how to make sure your leaflet or flyer reflects your brand's identity and will resonate with your audience.

While we do work with larger national clients, we are particularly well placed to serve small to medium sized businesses for their leaflet design and promotional flyer design in Pulborough, Storrington, Horsham, Billingshurst and the surrounding areas in West Sussex.
Flyers & 
Promotional Leaflets
Magazines and brochures are versatile tools for storytelling and brand communication, and at KhooDesign, we excel in crafting captivating designs that leave a lasting impression. Our Creative Director previously worked as a Designer and Art Director in glossy magazines working for titles including the Telegraph Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Country Living Magazine and The Guardian.

Engaging Visual Storytelling: Our designs transform magazines and brochures into immersive visual narratives. We captivate your audience, drawing them into your brand's story and creating a memorable, lasting experience.
Effective Information Delivery: Whether you're showcasing products, sharing updates, or presenting services, these materials effectively disseminate information. We ensure your message is conveyed clearly and comprehensively.
Tailored Brand Representation: Every design we create mirrors your brand's identity. Our team aligns the design with your brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and reinforcing your brand's unique personality.
Stand Out: In a competitive landscape, standing out is crucial. Our designs guarantee your magazine or brochure grabs attention and distinguishes your brand. We strive to fully understand your brand making sure that every element of the design communicates who you are, your values, and the aims of your magazine.
Your Design Partner: KhooDesign offers comprehensive support from concept to production. We are well-placed to manage every aspect, ensuring your magazine or brochure is a work of art. Partner with us to unleash the full potential of your brand's storytelling through magazine and brochure design.
Local & National Clients: Again although our experience is with big national clients, we enjoy bringing our expertise to serve smaller independent local businesses too and we are particularly well places to serve small to medium sized businesses for magazine and brochure design in Pulborough, Storrington, Horsham, Billingshurst and the surrounding areas in West Sussex.
Magazine & Brochures
Letterhead and Business Card Stationery Design
Exhibition Stand Design for Talent Retention Solution
Product Stand for shop counter displays
Exhibitions are prime opportunities for engagement. We design stands that encourage interaction, ensuring that your audience not only sees your brand but actively engages with it. We understand that each exhibition is unique, and so are your objectives. Our team customises every stand design to align with your brand identity, goals, and the specific event, ensuring that you stand out from the competition.
Large Format & Exhibition Stands
Our signage design and point-of-sale stands are your brand's silent ambassadors, speaking volumes through innovative designs and strategic placement. At KhooDesign, we partner with you to understand your objectives to come up with solutions to help upsell your products. We aim to create visually striking signage that communicates who you are and enhances your brand visibility. Whether it's eye-catching outdoor signage or impactful indoor displays, we help you to stand out from your competitors.
Signage Design & Point of Sale Solutions
Branding for Lewis Chartered Surveyors, West Sussex
In the world of business, stationery isn't just paper; it's your brand's identity in tangible form. At KhooDesign, we understand the significance of every detail, from business cards to letterheads, in making a lasting impression. We believe in stationery that not only looks the part but embodies your brand's quality and ethos. Consistency is key, and we ensure your company brand is seamlessly reflected in every aspect of your stationery, from business cards and letterheads to compliment slips, continuation sheets, and printed forms like invoices and quotations.

The business card and stationery featured above is for Lewis Chartered Surveyors based in Pulborough, West Sussex. We particularly enjoy bringing our expertise and experience for larger clients to small and medium sized independent businesses especially in our local area of West Sussex.
Branded Stationery

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