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A full brand identity goes beyond merely designing a logo; it sets the foundation for your brand's long-term success and distinguishes you from the competition. While a logo serves as the face of your business, a comprehensive brand identity delves deeper into your brand's essence, values, and personality. It creates a cohesive visual and verbal language that resonates with your target audience, evoking emotions and building a strong connection. From captivating social media templates to consistent typographic guidelines, a full brand identity ensures that every aspect of your brand reflects its unique story. With defined brand guidelines, you can maintain consistency across all touchpoints, establishing brand recognition and trust. A carefully curated color palette and a distinctive brand voice contribute to a memorable brand experience that stands out in a crowded marketplace. Ultimately, a well-crafted brand identity amplifies your brand's impact, driving loyalty, attracting new customers, and positioning your business for enduring success.
Crafting the Visual Identity
Our team of talented designers and brand strategists work hand in hand with you to design a captivating logo that represents the core of your brand. From social media templates to business cards, we ensure every touchpoint reflects your brand's personality and values.
Colours that Inspire
Colours speak louder than words. Our branding experts carefully select a colour palette that evokes emotions, reinforces your brand message, and sets you apart from the competition
Guidelines for Consistency
Creating a brand is one thing, maintaining consistency is another. We provide you with comprehensive brand guidelines and typographic guidelines, ensuring that your brand's essence shines through consistently across all platforms.
Banner showing branding guidelines for a client
Pulse Ministries are a Christian charity who work to train, equip and resource churches across the UK for Children's and Youth ministry. They needed a brand identity which worked for all ages from 5 years to late teens. It needed to have a sense of vibrancy and positive energy while making sure it had a modern feel which would feel as inclusive to older teens as it did to younger children.

I used the 'l' of pulse with simplified sound wave symbols pulsing out from the 'l' while simultaneously creating a cross shape to represent the cross. This is further amplified with the use of the gradient colour. We created a vertical version, a horizontal version, a wordmark, circular badges, and stickers and gave thought to how it could be used to be as versatile as possible to ensure a consistent brand identity across multiple touch points.

We supplied a full brand document which gave guidelines for all use across stationery, business cards, social media applications, typography, the website, print design, video, leaflets, and posters. Shown above are just some of the pages from their brand guidelines document.

The branding needed to be very versatile to work for teens and young children. We experimented to see how the brand could work in various applications and how far the identity could be pushed while still remaining true to the brand. For example in the bag below, I tried outlining and repeating the logo in a pulse type effect. Ultimately, we rejected this use of the identity because research informed us that this repeat use isn't inclusive of those with dyslexia. The same reason was why we ultimately used all lowercase letters in the final logo as those with dyslexia find it harder to read words which are in all caps.
Pulse Ministries
Full Branding Guidlines
Girl with bag with pulse ministries branding on and flyer for summer campProducts with custom branding applied
Lewis Chartered Surveyors are an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors, based in West Sussex who are provide tailored, expert advice to help people make the right decisions about their property. RICS-registered, and with decades of experience in residential and commercial property issues, they are also specialists in the nuances of historic and Listed buildings. Their extensive knowledge of the Sussex and Surrey region – and in particular, the beautiful South Downs was the foundation of their logo design.

We worked together with one of our partner designers, Andy Ashdown on this logo as he bought his passion for bird watching on the South Downs to include a house martin since these nest under the eaves of buildings to link to architecture. House Martins also have a beautiful blue hue to their plumage which is appropriate for the brand conveying trust and seriousness. They are quick and nimble in flight, ‘go the distance’ when migrating and return each year punctually so these are good qualities to align with the brand. The stylised logo also sits quite nicely alongside RICS. The serif font conveys the historic and traditional while the high x height keeps it looking modern and legible.

David from Lewis Surveyors has gone from strength to strength since launching the brand in 2021 and we look forward to continuing to partner with Lewis Surveyors to support them in all their design needs going forwards.
Lewis Chartered Surveyors
Basic Branding Guidlines
Branding for Lewis Chartered Surveyors, West Sussex

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