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We can create compelling imagery that captivates and resonates with your target audience. We specialise in producing high-quality product photographs, lifestyle images, and visually stunning graphics that bring your brand to life.
Whether it's through meticulous styling, expert composition, or strategic visual storytelling, we are dedicated to providing you with the practical help you need to elevate your online presence. You can trust us to deliver the practical help you need to launch your brand with confidence.
Experience & Background

One of my earliest memories is helping my Dad style a Christmas photography shoot for Radox in the middle of the summer. There was fake snow everywhere and sticking to us in the heat!

Years later, as an art director in glossy magazines, I was art directing photo shoots from magazine cover shoots to still life beauty products and everything in-between. I've also been fortunate to have press accreditation to major music events and love the energy of shooting in the photo pit of a music festival.

My background as an editorial art director means that not only am I able to capture stunning photographs, but my editing skills are finely honed to make sure that you have the best imagery and it communicates exactly who you are. By seamlessly blending the art of storytelling with the power of visual communication, I am able to transform your brand's narrative into captivating imagery that resonates deeply with your audience.

Exhibition Photography from Tate Britain
Exhibition Photography
MC Designers
2014 - 2019
We have had the privilege of capturing many remarkable exhibitions built by MC Designers for Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Photographing exhibitions presents its own unique set of challenges from managing various lighting conditions and complex spatial arrangements to capturing the intricate details and ambiance of the artworks. Our expertise ensures that every shot encapsulates the essence and visual impact of the exhibition. We understand the importance of timing, precision, and adaptability to showcase the artwork in its best light, delivering captivating images that do justice to the artistic vision and immersive experiences of each exhibition.
Product Photography
Jane Abbott
2017 to 2023
For Jane Abbott, in addition to designing and building her a branded eCommerce website, we have had the privilege of delivering product shots for her exquisite Holly & Ivy and Four Seasons ranges. When approaching each image, we carefully consider its styling and composition, taking into account its intended purpose and functionality. This attention to detail ensures that the images seamlessly integrate within the website, providing optimal space for titles on banners and enhancing the overall user experience. With our expertise in both design and photography, we can create a cohesive visual presentation that not only showcases the products but also maximises their impact in the online marketplace.
Product Image Photography of Ceramics for eCommerce website

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